Rant: Irresponsible Pet Owners

10 March 2009

I live in a condo complex and it frustrates me to no end when I'm walking around and see little turds everywhere. The last thing I want to do when I'm taking out the trash or checking the mail is to step in a big pile of you know what. How freakin hard is it to pick up after your dog? It's part of the condo rules yet no one seems to care. But I bet there would be an uproar if the condo association finally got sick of things and changed the pet policy. And cat owners aren't going to get away scot-free either. Why is your cat outside roaming around and walking on my car? Please keep them inside.

Don't get me wrong, I love animals, dogs especially. But please have some respect. This is shared property. If you had your own private backyard and wanted to keep it littered with dog poop, more power to you. But you don't. So be a responsible pet owner and do what needs to be done. Pick up after your dog. Thanks.

So yeah I posted these signs all over the complex. I'm sure seeing my sign isn't going to make anyone have an epiphany and start picking up poop. But it sure made me feel a little better.

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