Orange belt

18 August 2009

Orange belt on sale at Martin + Osa for $24.95!

Adorable bicycle

13 August 2009

I don't own a bicycle, but if I was going to purchase one this would definitely be an option. It comes in other colors for those those of you who think orange is too bold and can be yours for $235 (incl. shipping). The basket liner leaves something to be desired but I'm sure that can be changed. And as you can see from the big old watermark splashed over the picture it's from

Tutorial: Ironing Board Cover

11 August 2009

Fabric is Anna Griffin's Lanterns

I have a cheapie ironing board from Wal Mart and the cover it came with is craptastic. Every time I iron something large, like a piece of fabric, the ironing board cover and padding shifts, driving me insane and making ironing even more of a pain in the butt than it already is. A new ironing board cover was on my list of things to do and I decided to just tackle it.

For the most part I followed this tutorial. Also see this tutorial.

My only suggestion would be to use elastic drawstring (which I found at JoAnn's) instead of twine.

If you need new padding as well, I zig-zagged a layer of cotton batting to a layer of insul-bright. I actually had to stitch it to the underside of the cover to get it to stay in place. Or a better/easier alternative is to buy one for $12 from CityChicCountryMouse on Etsy.

Ebay Finds

10 August 2009

More furniture rehab candidates:

Georgetown Galleries Dresser
Starting bid: $150 Seller: artcollector-usa
Needs a hardware update.

Screens - Pair
Price: $275 Seller: yolandaroe
Use as is or give them a coat of paint.

Price: $275 Seller: yolandaroe
Needs a hardware update

Starting bid: $80 Seller: artcollector-usa
Needs some paint and an upholstered insert with some nailhead trim.

Mirrors (auction is for one)
Starting bid: $50 Seller: tsandcompany
Needs a coat of paint.

Syroco mirror
Starting bid: $35.99 Seller: calli511
Would probably spraypaint gloss white.

Avington Chair via Target

03 August 2009

I absolutely love slipper chairs and found this cute one at Target the other day. Would you believe it is actually comfortable too? Reviewers are giving it high praise. Price: $159.99

Ebay Finds

Night Stands (auction is for one)
Starting bid: $50 Seller: tsandcompany

Ebay finds

02 August 2009

Walnut dresser
Starting bid: $180 Seller: artcollector-usa

Drexel Dresser
Starting bid: $100 Seller: tsandcompany