Free printable gift tags

23 December 2009

For those of you who are still buying and wrapping gifts. Here are some funny and cute, free printable gift tags.

Vampire Diaries Marathon

14 December 2009

I'm a sucker for anything having to do with vampires. For those of you who missed the first run of the show the CW is airing all 10 episodes of the Vampire Diaries starting tonight. Two episodes will air each night, from December 14th to the 18th, starting at 8pm. Program your DVR's!

Make it! Mid-Century Modern

10 December 2009

As you must be able to tell I am very into crafting and DIY. So I was very excited to learn that curbly has just released a great e-book called "Make it! Mid-Century Modern". From what I can see my favorite projects are the atomic ball clock and Girard inspired ottoman. Click here to download the PDF for $9.99 or have a printed version delivered to your door for $18.

Paint Over

09 December 2009

Back in September I caught the end of Paint Over with Jennifer Bertrand (Design Star Winner of Season 3). I have been searching for the show ever since and it seems that it aired for one week at 4pm and that was it. What's the deal? It seemed like it had potential as opposed to certain other Design Star winners. I mean seriously did anyone watch the Antonio Project? I wouldn't let that guy within 10 feet of my house. Myles of Style is boring. The only successful show to stem from Design Star seems to be Color Splash with David Bromstad, who I'll admit I secretly wish was my BFF. I read she had a baby so perhaps that is holding things up, but please HGTV bring her show back.