Sad News

21 December 2011

Saber with Wings

I'll never understand why man's best friend has such a short life span. We adopted Saber 2 1/2 years ago from animal control and he crossed over to the rainbow bridge today. He hadn't been eating and results of a blood test showed that his bone marrow was no longer creating enough platelets and red and white blood cells. We weren't able to find any definite cause before he passed. He was my snuggle buddy. a companion to our other husky and just the best. I didn't have nearly enough time with him and he will be missed.


  1. We are so sorry to hear this. I think one of the most heartbreaking things is that our pooches do have such short lifespans, but for them it is also about the quality of life over quantity. We can tell how well-loved he was.

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