16 February 2009

Craigslist in Connecticut is pretty sad. It's definitely not as popular here when compared with states that actually have a major city. You won't find any great deals on Eames lounges or Saarinen tables here. Just lots of boring furniture, ugly green couches and Ikea cast offs. That's why I'm always extremely jealous of the great finds that can be had in other areas like this retro fireplace in Minneapolis, MN.

On a side note people really should put more of an effort into taking better photographs.

I've been dying for one of these retro fireplaces, not that I actually have a place to put it. I looked on ebay and check out what I found.

Retro Orange Fireplace, Starting bid: $100

If anyone out there actually dislikes the color orange, there is one available in yellow too.

Retro Yellow Fireplace, Starting bid: $199

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