The House

03 January 2011

Front - Before

A little over a year ago we moved from a 3rd floor, 1 bedroom condo to a "4 bedroom" (more on that later) Cape. While there are certainly things I miss about the condo, like having a decent closet and non-angled walls in the bedroom. It's definitely nice not having to bring a dog down three flights of stairs multiple times a day and worry about noise and neighbors. It was and still is a fixer upper. We have accomplished a lot during our time here but it is still very much a work in progress. In the coming weeks I will share some of that progress with you and what still needs to be done.

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  1. I found your blog through Remodelaholic and since I too have a cape I'm very interested in all your renovations. Best of luck! The upholstered bed is gorgeous by the way.