Rant: Duvet Covers

07 January 2010


I love my down comforter. I will never go back to using one of those bed in a bag comforters ever again. It's hard to explain, just something you have to experience for yourself. What I don't understand is why duvet covers are so expensive? They are essentially an oversized pillowcase for my comforter. Yet stores have the audacity to charge $100 and up for what is basically a comforter without the stuffing. And typically the comforter in the same line costs less than the duvet, if they even offer a duvet to begin with. I don't understand the logic behind that at all. I know how to sew and was contemplating buying a comforter, gutting it, and turning it into my own custom duvet cover until I went to HomeGoods. So until I tire of this one my rant is temporarily quelled.

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