Tutorial: Ironing Board Cover

11 August 2009

Fabric is Anna Griffin's Lanterns

I have a cheapie ironing board from Wal Mart and the cover it came with is craptastic. Every time I iron something large, like a piece of fabric, the ironing board cover and padding shifts, driving me insane and making ironing even more of a pain in the butt than it already is. A new ironing board cover was on my list of things to do and I decided to just tackle it.

For the most part I followed this tutorial. Also see this tutorial.

My only suggestion would be to use elastic drawstring (which I found at JoAnn's) instead of twine.

If you need new padding as well, I zig-zagged a layer of cotton batting to a layer of insul-bright. I actually had to stitch it to the underside of the cover to get it to stay in place. Or a better/easier alternative is to buy one for $12 from CityChicCountryMouse on Etsy.

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