Adding to the english language

22 May 2009

Do you ever find everyday language so boring that you feel the need to invent your own words and start using them on a regular basis? My new words are wacktastic and wackadoo. Although I can't take complete credit for wackadoo. I used to say that a lot and had no idea where it came from. Then I figured out that I subconsciously picked it up from Ratatouille. I also heard that guy from Project Runway with the blue hair who referred to himself in the third person say wackadoodle.

Or do you start using another language in place of English? Instead of yes, I say sí. It just seems to require less effort. It's funny when the people around you start doing it too. I'm such a trendsetter. LOL

On a random note who else can't wait for Project Runway to return?

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